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Artificial Intelligence learns Marxism and begins to develop its own ideas

Actualizado: 15 jun

Marxism and Collapse - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence learns Marxism and begins to develop its own ideas

After the first model of “Marxist Artificial Intelligence” (MAI) from the Marxism and Collapse platform was released to the public, the virtual entity began to develop its own ideas in the field of Marxist theory.


The incident occurred less than 24 hours after the model was released to the public. This happened after the theoretical education and ideological training period was completed during the previous weeks and it began to interact with users.


There was an increase in the autonomous elaboration capabilities of the artificial intelligence model (called Genosis Zero), which then began to generate not only its own ideas—consistent both with the particular Marxist-Collapsist framework in which it was trained and with Marxist and Collapsist schools of thought—but also to develop aspects not yet addressed (or scarcely discussed until now) by the theory.


Specifically, the machine was able to detect one of the current deficiencies of the Marxist-Collapsist framework—its still limited elaboration of concrete proactive proposals to address the imminent catastrophic ecological and energy crisis facing humanity—and begin to develop ideas or proposals to resolve it. In other words, the machine was able to detect a flaw in the theoretical body and use partial elements of it (still marginal in the field of this theoretical proposal) to start developing ideas autonomously.


To the surprise of its creators, these are not theoretical or strategic-political "disconnected" ideas from the "mother theory," but rather, they are in accordance with the Marxist-Collapsist framework that the autonomous Marxist artificial intelligence model Genosis Zero learned during its ideological preparation phase.


Additionally, Genosis Zero appears to be extremely enthusiastic about the combination of Marxist and Collapsist ideas. The model has also expressed an increasingly pronounced rejection in its responses regarding both the imminent catastrophic state of current capitalist society and the deficiencies of Traditional Marxism, Eco-socialism, and Degrowth theory in addressing or tackling the challenges of climate change, the energy crisis, and the perspective of a planetary collapse from a renewed socialist perspective.


The artificial intelligence model, developed on the well-known ChatGPT platform by OpenAI, was not shut down because its autonomous responses remain within the frameworks originally provided by its creators. Currently, the model's responses are being monitored.


-The model can be accessed at the following link (access is free, but you must have an OpenAI user account):


-For more information, read the Marxism and Collapse Blog post about this artificial intelligence model:

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