Planetary Cataclysm! Ecocide! Noam Chomsky - John Bellamy Foster - Miguel Fuentes Debate (Reading)

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Marxism and Collapse - Polemics

1-Noam Chomsky, Miguel Fuentes and Guy McPherson Debate

Document: "Climate catastrophe, Collapse, Democracy and Socialism" Debate - A discussion between Noam Chomsky, Miguel Fuentes and Guy McPherson - English version (Part I)

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-Yanis Varoufakis (Marxist economist and former Finance Minister of Greece) recommendation of this debate on twitter:


2-John Bellamy Foster Critical Commentary

-Document: "Be Moderate… We only want THE EARTH!" A comment on the first part of the debate “Ecological Catastrophe, Collapse, Democracy and Socialism” between Noam Chomsky, Miguel Fuentes and Guy McPherson.

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3-Max Wilbert Critical Commentary

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-Complementary materials:

1-Ecosocialism, Degrowth and Collapsist Marxism. A discussion with Michael Lowy (Spanish)


2-The danger of an eco-suicide as a strategic problem for the left - Interview with M. Lowy (Spanish and Italian)


3-The Theoretical Betrayal of the Argentine Trotskyism before the Ecological Crisis (Spanish)


4-Marxism and Collapse in the War in Ukraine. For the Victory of Ukraine! (Spanish-English)


5-For the Victory of the Oppressed Nation of Ukraine against the Invasion! - Declaration (English)


6-Marxism and Collapse - Web Presentation (English)


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