Yanis Varoufakis recommends debate between Miguel Fuentes and Noam Chomsky

Actualizado: 12 oct

Marxism and Collapse - Polemics

Marxist economist and former Finance Minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis recommends the debate "Climate catastrophe, Collapse, Democracy and Socialism" between Miguel Fuentes, Noam Chomsky and Guy McPherson

-Yanis Varoufakis (tweet): https://twitter.com/yanisvaroufakis/status/1530173110833512448

-Noam Chomsky, Miguel Fuentes and Guy McPherson Debate - Link: https://www.marxismoycolapso.com/post/noam-chomsky-versus-collapsist-marxism-and-extinctionism-debate-english-version-i-upcoming

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