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Marxism and Collapse Web - Debates Section (Noam Chomsky, Michael Lowy, Miguel Fuentes.. and others)

Actualizado: 10 ene 2023

Marxism and Collapse - Web page

-Debates Section (Marxism and Collapse)


-Noam Chomsky (United States - One the most important social scientist of the last century)

-John Bellamy Foster (United States / Canada - Editor of Monthly Review)

-Michael Lowy (France - Founder of Ecosocialism)

-Miguel Fuentes (Chile - Figure of Marxism and Collapse and defender of Collapsist-Bolshevism)

-Yanis Varoufakis (Greece - Marxist Economist)

-Antonio Turiel (Spain - Top leading Degrowth Theory Reasercher)

-Guy McPherson (United States - Ecologist and a prominent figure of of the Extinctionist Theory)

-Peter Wadhams (United Kingdom - World-leading climatologist)

-Jaime Vindel (Spain - A figure of European Marxist Political Ecology)

-Manuel Casal Lodeiro (Spain - A very influential collapsist thinker)

-Jorge Altamira (Argentina - The most prominent leader of Latin American Trotskyism)

-Víctor Jeifets (Russia - Marxist Historian and Specialist in Latin America)

-Paul Walder (Chile - A leading voice of Latin American critical journalism)

-Lucho Fierro (Argentina - Figure of the Collapsist-Anarchist Movement in South America)

-Among others...

-Debates Section (Marxism and Collapse)


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